about mural land


Arts, murals, events, workshops and much more starting in Maryland, Forest Gate and Manor Park!


Mural Land is an exciting public art project set up by the London Borough of Newham in 2016. In collaboration with Wood Street Walls and other partners, we will be creating a series of new murals on walls in Maryland, Forest Gate and Manor Park to complement our continued investment in public realm improvements.

Throughout the project we will work with the local community to create murals which reflect local aspirations and are tailored to each location.

Mural Land will be delivered between 2017 and 2019.

When elected onto Newham Council I made a promise to do all I could to help bring accessible public art to Forest Gate North ward. I have led on Mural Land since 2016 and I am proud to formally announce that with the Crossrail Complementary Measures funding we are investing in community art around Crossrail Stations.

Mural Land is a community art project and will be a powerful tool to help provide a sense of belonging, identity and place-making. It will be an opportunity to creatively regenerate the area and will and already has begun to actively engage residents thus bringing communities closer together.

Mural Land plans to engage and consult with our diverse communities around the Crossrail stations, and engage with schools and key stakeholders to ensure we have the best community-led art reflecting our rich and unique community. I look forward to meeting many of you at our community workshops over the next few months and hearing your ideas and I’m so excited to see what we come up with.
— Councillor Seyi Akiwowo, Councillor, Forest Gate North (www.seyiakiwowo.com)


Our key partners are supporting us to achieve the goals of Mural Land. If you are a local business or organisation that wants to become a partner please get in touch.



Maryland, Forest Gate and Manor Park are all located in the London Borough of Newham. Newham Council has set up the Mural Land project to create new public art as part of the wider improvements it is delivering in these areas. The council has secured funding for the project through Transport for London.



Wood Street Walls is a collective of urban artists, creatives and technology professionals specialising in public art, community engagement and culture-led regeneration. Since their inception two years ago, Wood Street Walls has helped deliver over 40 murals, engagement events, workshops and consultations within the London boroughs of Hackney and Waltham Forest.



Dekko Productions represents the interests of its tow founders, artist and film-maker Rayna Nadeem and Bafta winning TV & film director Stuart Bamforth.

Dekko is interested in the overlooked, the hidden, and the disregarded. We like to focus on the untold narratives that fall between official definition, and the spaces where beauty grows through the cracks.

Whether we are documenting the story of a road-trip to the coast, a Victorian cemetery in East London, or the unrepresented young voices of the Palestinian community, Dekko produces work to challenge our understandings of the world we live in.



Fifth Wall TV is a platform for video production and art commentary from London based director Doug Gillen. Fifth Wall TV will film artists as they create murals for Mural Land. This will document the process and show how the artwork has been formed to achieve the finished mural.

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Leyland Trade offers a variety of quality, affordable paints that can be relied on for a job well done. The comprehensive range features more than 300 individual product lines across all sizes and colours, ensuring you always have the product you need to complete the job in hand. With more than 90 years of experience, Leyland Trade is the brand for on-the-go tradesmen and is committed to delivering honest, trusted and reliable products.

Leyland Trade is providing the Mural Land project 100 litres of masonry paint to help erect the artwork across the three locations.

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FRP is a social enterprise and charity with environmental and social aims. We engage with organisations and communities in London through a range of practical initiatives to reduce, re-use and recycle waste, and help people live sustainably. Based in Walthamstow in East London, we have been in operation since 1989. All our work and activities are supported by volunteers.

FRP will be supplying recycled masonry paint, filler and decorating supplies to aid the Mural Land project in preparing our walls for the artists to paint.


The Mural Land project aims to create a long lasting sustainable project, modeled on Wood Street Walls own home grown project in Waltham Forest - run by the local communities of Newham, to support local artists and creatives, as well as putting Newham on the map as one of the leading outer London boroughs for Culture. 

As well as including local community groups and members, key stakeholders will be the London Borough of Newham, Housing trusts and NGOs based in Newham and Housing Trusts & Developers operating in the area.